Sonoff RF Bridge tweaks and tricks

Losing Web interface

After few weeks of using Sonoff RF Bridge I noticed that sometimes i lose access to the device over a web. Controller stops respond via ping and web is inaccessible however I still can maintain over MQTT or OpenHAB.

I checked forums but did not find anything useful. There was an issue in core library but the latest one should not be buggy. Anyway I use the following workaround. I decided twice a day restart Sonoff RF Bridge via MQTT run in OpenHAB.

MQTT command for restart:

OpenHAB rule

Proper time

I do not use console too much neither Timer but actually time was not shown in the correct timezone. What we may do? There are two commands. First set NTP server another one set timezone UTC+2 (you may set values -13..13) :

Power saving

Using the Sleep command you can instruct Tasmota to sleep for the set milliseconds in its main cycle. While sleeping your device will consume less power.

Dynamic Sleep is enabled by default with a value of 50. I have increased to 200:


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