[Newest Version] XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity sensor

Today is crazy day of shopping on the websites like Banggood or AliExpress. (BTW: If you need coupon for 11% OFF you may find it here. ) Checking latest offer I found the newest version of XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity sensor for 6.99$ in presales.

Xiaomi Mijia sensor seems to be similar way of working. Basically it works with Xiaomi App but the most important that for communication it uses Bluetooth 4.2 BLE. It means that we should be able to use in our Smart Home as previous model.

Based on the specification provided on the website I think that battery life will be much shorter as this is powered by CR2032 battery.


Size 43x43x12.5mm
Temp. range0-60 C
Humidity range0%-99% RH
Connection BT 4.2 BLE

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