Sonoff RF Bridge 433MHz

Sonoff RF Bridge + Tasmota

October 8, 2019 gg 1

I have purchased for quite good price Sonoff RF Bridge 433MHz device. The idea was to replace combo Wemos mini + RX/TX 433Mhz with custom […]

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My hardware

October 7, 2019 gg 0

My Smarthome hardware collected over years. There also links to either datasheets or my posts related to configuration and integration. Module pinouts or real photo […]

ESP8266 DS18B20

DS18B20 + ESP8266 + ESPEasy

September 3, 2019 gg 0

I would like to introduce ESPEasy firmware. So far every sensor and communication was done by using Arduino and coding communication with ESP8266 to have […]

DHT11 temp and hum

February 2, 2019 gg 0

In this post I will write how to use libraries repository. As example we may use temperature and humidity measurement. Sensor that is common in […]