Wireless RF 433 Remote Control Switch Receiver – 433MHz

I would like to present yet another remote control switch RF 433 MHz. It is similar to Sonoff RF or BlitzWolf® BW-SS1 but much smaller (5.4cm x 3.1cm x 1.4cm) and comes without any box. It can be put inside wall socket and plugged directly to 220V. It is capable to learn codes and works in three different modes. Everything out of the box without flashing. Another advantage is a price. I have recorded movie how to set it up available here:



1. Input Voltage: AC85V-AC220V
2. RF Frequency: 433MHZ
3. RF Working mode:Super heterodyne receiver
4. Receiver Sensitivity: -107dBm
5. Remote Control Distance: >100 meter(In open environment)
6. Decoding Way: MCU Software decoding
7. Can store the number of remote control:32
8. Support remote control type: Fixed code, learning code
9. Channel: 1CH
10 .Multiple working modes: (Jog/Non-Latched ,inter-lock/Latched ,self-lock /Self-Latched)
11. Wiring Method:Fixed wiring terminal
12. Rated load:10A 250VAC / 10A 125VAC, 10A 30VDC / 10A 28VDC
13. Dimension:5.4cm*3.1cm*1.4cm


  • Jog/Non-Latched: Press one button, state is ON until you release button then state is OFF. It requires only one button on remote.
  • Self -lock/Self-Latched: Press one button for turning ON. Press the same button again to turn OFF. It requires only one button on remote.
  • Inter-lock /Latched: Press one button to get state ON, press another button to switch it OFF. Switch requires 2 buttons in remote.


Reset function

After pressing the “KEY” button 8 times, the LED will go off and clear all the remote control data in the memory. When the LED flashes for 5 times, it indicates that reset is completed.

Learning function
  1. press 1/2/3 times button, depends on which mode you would like to program. Led will be turn on. This indicates a learning mode enabled.
  2. Push button on remote, LED on switch blinks to give confirmation that code has been learned.
  3. Option ally you may repeat it for another key as it is possible to use multiple codes for the same mode.
  4. 3rd mode requires pushing 2 buttons on remote. First for switch ON and second to switch OFF.


It works great with Sonoff RF Bridge as well. For more details how to configure you may find in my previous post.

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