Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch + Tasmota + OpenHAB + MQTT

This is second part of flashing Tasmota to the Sonoff devices. This time I’m going to push it to Smart Wall Touch Light Switch T0 Gang 3. I previous video and post I went through entire procedure with Sonoff Basic switch.

I made video how to prepare hardware and flash with Tasmota firmware:

There are also OpenHAB files required for MQTT communication between modules. Everything you find also here step by step.

Hardware preparing

Before you flash Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch you have to go inside and identify pins for connecting your FTDI USB flasher. Apart from standard VCC/GND/TX/RX we have to connect together GND and GPIO0 to enforce flashing mode.

Sonoff Smart Touch Wall Switch T0 3 Gang

See photo above. There are pins marked: 3V3/RX/TX/GND. I soldered 1 pin GND to get easier connect with GPIO0.

Flashing could be quite tricky. I put command sleep 5s && in front of flasher to get some time to stick properly pins for flashing time. Please watch video for the best approach.

Software flashing

Flashing Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch is pretty simple. There is not much difference between flashing Sonoff RF Basic/Bridge and any other ESP8266. I covered flashing in more details in THIS post. Please with it familiar first.

I downloaded the most recent version of Tasmota v6.6.1 . Just sonoff normal version. I assume that you have esptool, sonoff firmware. Before you connect flasher you have to keep button pushed. Then press enter and flashing process should begin.


Connecting to the device

After initial run you should be able to see additional wifi network around. Sonof-XXXX or Tasmota-XXXX depends on firmware version.

Connect your Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch to a power source and grab your smartphone (or tablet or laptop or any other web and Wi-Fi capable device). Search for a Wi-Fi AP named sonoff-xxxx (where x is a number) and connect to it. In this example the Wi-Fi AP is named sonoff-5291 When it connects to the network, you may get a warning that there is no Internet connection and be prompted to connect to a different network. 

After you have connected to the Tasmota Wi-Fi AP, open in a web browser on the smartphone (or whatever device you used). Some devices might prompt you to sign in to Wi-Fi network which should also open the above address. In configuration UI follow steps to add your home AP. After applying settings Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch will be trying to connect there. From now you may access it from your network.

If you don’t have access to your router you can find your newly flashed device with an IP scanner:

As the sonoff.bin is general solution for various supported hardware you have to configure it to support Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch. Please find screenshots with ready to use settings.


First action is connecting to device and running console. You have to type there:

Tasmota has functionality to perform special actions on multiple button presses and long press for 40 seconds resets firmware to default. This will cause the T1 board to reset if relay board is not connected, because long press on Button1 will be detected.


Configure module and select Sonoff T1 3CH Module unless is not automatically detected.

Enable MQTT and define topics/hostname

Other Settings to enable MQTT

Finally after few restarts you should get default view of Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch with button states.

OpenHAB Configuration

As usual I put OpenHAB configuration snippets. I put also for context previously configured here and here items. For you relevant entries for Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch were added as last ones in the bottom.




hopefully works.


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