ACS712 Current detection

My project works quite good but some time ago i bought active subwoofer to my amplituner and found issue. There is energy saver feature on board but after taking measure it seems in standby it still uses 10W. If you multiple by 24h and 365 days a year it may be quite big electricity bill.

The best solution would be turn it on only when amplituner is on. We may monitor a current and take decision based on value.

When amplituner uses standby mode, power usage drops below 1W and this should be enough to give input to Arduino to switch off relay and the same socket where device is connected. How to do it? In project like Energy Meter they use sensors SCT-013:

Disadvantage is quite expensive cost of sensor. I do not need to track energy but just monitor if device uses power or it is in standby mode.

I found ACS712 sensor that works using Hall’s effect. If you want to learn more please check Wikipedia. I can simply say just connect to the power cord and output connects to microcontroler and rest (math) is done as Android application.

Connection diagram



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